X-Men: First Class sequel has a title

News Ryan Lambie 2 Aug 2012 - 08:33
X-Men: First Class

The sequel to Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class has a confirmed title, which provides plenty of clues about its story...

Hot on the heels of Thor: The Dark World's casting news (if indeed news has heels), along comes some exciting revelations about the sequel X-Men: First Class. It was previously rumoured that the follow-up to that 2011 hit would be called X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and that's now been confirmed by none other than the series' producer, Bryan Singer.

The title is taken from a two-part story of the same name, which originally ran in Uncanny X-Men issues 141 and 142. The story established an alternate timeline, in which the X-Men fought Mystique and her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the present, while the future universe is dominated by Sentinels. 

In an interview with IGN, in which he confirmed the film's title, Singer also revealed his intention to "broaden out" the X-Men universe, just as Marvel have done with The Avengers, and perhaps provide links to the earlier X-Men trilogy.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is due for release in 2014. You can see the full interview over at IGN.

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This is quite exciting

First they call Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier now this! It just gets better and better! So long as they dont announce The Amazing Spider-man 2: The Clone Saga.

This is either going to be great or awful. I'm hoping for the former since i enjoyed the first film - even though they butchered x-men continuity...

Good news but I still think the last 10 minutes of first class were rushed and that the break up of Professor X and Magneto should have been the basis of the second movie, the split with mystique was far to quick. i just felt I watched an almost perfect movie then in the last 10 minutes they shoehorned in relationship break-ups that could have been explored in the sequel

Just once in one of these films I'd like to see the villains sitting around deciding what ridiculous name to call their group by.

Hmm, what do you think about Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?

Yeah, that's well evil sounding...

Can you sort out your PECL mem-thingy?

That's actually why i like the first film. By butchering it so much, as a fan of the comics, i wasn't watching a mere recreation (like they did with watchmen...) I was seeing something new, something different, something exciting!

Plus a Take That song on the end titles.

Going by the opening episode of each series of the apprentice it could be fun, with Magneto standing by a flipboard 'look we're using 'Brother' not to exclude females but as an all encompassing term, plus sisterhood sounds sh....'

News has to have heels, because if it didn't its legs would look terrible in that short skirt.

I imagine the studios pretty much assumed it wouldn't make enough for a sequel. That's my guess, based on how Hollywood operates.

Agreed. For comic fans, it's something new. For non-comic fans, they don't know the difference either way and are just enjoying the story. Besides, the X-Movieverse Bryan Singer began has always had its own continuity apart from the comic books.

Just because something is new and different does it automatically make it good. The changes that have been made to the source material have been to its detriment. The characters actions have made them an idiot or an asshole or both. The plot was uninspired, boring, and derivative of better films, the characters actions made no sense, and the discrimination against minorities is a betrayal of the comic's original premise. The changes did not make this film exciting, they made it offensive and stupid.

the story sucked regardless of change. It was uninspired, nonsensical and offensive with its discrimination toward minorities, the characters that were acting like assholes or idiots or both, and the changes just had absolutely no point. How anyone can consider first class intelligent or even fun is beyond me

LOL! Sounds like someone needs to change their tampon. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, if you don't like it, don't watch it. The rest of the world will just keep on rocking without you. ;)

This will only work if they start over with Jean Grey and the others. If they somehow "Star Trek" (Abram's version) the "First Class" it will cheapen what they established in this film. No one wants a connection to "The Last Stand." That's a terrible movie. The action wasn't compelling.

@everyone else is there an echo in here? What was uninspired? What was nonsensical?
You can't just throw adjectives around.
Let me try. It was entertaining, clever showed great characterisation with people acting like heroes, villains or both. How someone can just tear it down for the sake of appearing like a prat is beyond me.
Go and watch some more Golden Girls. Don't worry about the sequel. And spare yourself the hardship of reading these articles

Ron perlman for CABLE!!!! who can argue?

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