Prometheus sequel confirmed

News Ryan Lambie 2 Aug 2012 - 06:54

Fox has confirmed it: Ridley Scott's Prometheus made enough money to warrant a sequel...

While not everybody fell under the spell of Ridley Scott's oddball return to the Alien franchise, Prometheus did respectable if not stellar business. Made for $130 million, it more than doubled its money internationally, though the former figure doesn't account for what must have been a huge marketing budget; viral videos featuring Michael Fassbender painting model kits and sniffing flowers can't be made cheaply. 

Prometheus, it seems, has made enough cash to warrant a sequel, since Fox has confirmed to Hollywood Reporter that it's pushing Prometheus 2 (as we'll tentatively call it) forwards for a release in two or three years' time. 

"Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right," Fox's Emma Watts told HR. "We can't rush it."

Nor can it rush the writing, given that Prometheus' script was commonly singled out as a weak link by its critics. Fox is apparently talking to new writers (note the plural), since Damon Lindelof might be too busy penning something else to return for the sequel. 

Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are both scheduled to return, which, as anyone who's seen the film will know, is just as well. Expect Prometheus 2 (or Prometheus Paradise, or Prometheus 2: Gangster's Paradise, or something) to rumble along in 2014 or 2015.

Hollywood Reporter

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Scott get out of jail. Let’s face it, it needed to happen. The best bit,
Lindelof’s involvement is looking dim. I can hear the collective sigh of
relief. The idea of drafting in some new writers is a genius and probably
required given the negative reaction to his script. Note the comment from Fox –
‘we have to get right’. Oh yes you do!

Lindelof is a hack. NOTHING he writes for the screen makes any damn sense. It seems he writes himself into a corner and then cant get out. it happened with LOST, Star Trek and Prometheus. Please STOP throwing this guys shoddy scripts at us!

I thought the first film was pretty good, it was just flawed when it didn't need to be.

I hope the sequel will answer all the questions that the original didn't, or at lest some and hopefully a third film will answer everything and bring it full circle to Alien. I'd also like to see Noomi Ryder's character become more developed and great as Ripley, because there's no denying that Fassbender was staggering, so we don't need to do as much there.

Whilst the original wasn't as great as hope, I've been worried that a sequel wouldn't get green-lit, leaving so much unanswered. Now though we're on our way to finding out everything we shouldn't have done in the first film.

Prometheus needs two separate sequels to follow both storylines. We want to see the continuing story of the two survivors on their journey to paradise, but we also need to see the evolution and propagation of the Alien species, presumably via a follow up mission to LV 223. These divergent stories couldn't be told in the same film.

And then he makes the "Oh, we never intended to give you all the answers. We planned it like that" excuse.

Whatever, Lindelof!

Spoiler Warning Please!! Those of us waiting for the Blu-ray/DVD now know who survived!!!

YES! This has made my day, I loved this film.

Star Trek? Which part of that didn't make sense?

New writers!? Yes please, I'm s-o-o-o dissapointed it looks like Lindelof is too busy to return

You should have seen it by now! ;)

Sorry, but if you haven't seen a film and you click on a story about its sequel then more fool you if it gives away "a spoiler".

I imagine this will receive a similar response to Attack of the Clones. People who loved the first one will go along to see it happily whilst those who hated the first will go and hope for something better. Either way it'll do good numbers.

He didn't write Star Trek. That was Orci and Kurtzman.

Are you kidding? Star Trek was a mess scriptwise.

What about Prometheus' for the title?

Absolutely! never truer words said!

It was pretty coherent to me. Anyhting in particular bother you?

Prometheus' what? You do realise that the apostrophe you add there indicates ownership of something and not a plural? Sigh....

Yes they could.

So much. Neros motivation and stupid actions, Kirk getting thrown off the ship to a hazardous planet instead of being put in the brig, landing right next to Spock in walking distance from Scotty. Old Spock being able to witness the destruction of Vulcan from said Planet like it was an orbiting moon, the stupid Kobayiashi Maru scene (Kirk grins like an idiot while obviously manipulating the program, that's supposed to be creative thinking), Kirk getting promoted from cadet about to getting thrown out of the Academy to Captain of the Federations flag ship in a few days, the stupid numb tongue scene and so on.

Whilst I agree with you with Kirk somehow landing next to Spock and Scotty and the numb tongue scene, I can't see the problem with Nero's motivation. He watched his planet being destroyed in front of him. I think that's a pretty good motivation. As for the Kobayashi Maru scene first of all; Kirk is meant to be a cocky young prick at the start; secondly, the exercise is not about creative thinking, it's about knowing what it's like to stare death in the face. Because Kirk is an arrogant twat at the start of the film he doesn't realise this, thinks the whole thing is a cheat and therefore cheats to win. As for the whole "seeing Vulcan detroyed from the ground of a nearby planet", first of all, how do you know it wasn't an orbiting moon, and even if it weren't, this isn't a science documentary. It's called sci-fi for a reason.

Prometheus 2: Electric Boogaloo

Instead of blowing up Planets Nero could have flown to Romulus and warned them that their Sun would explode.

The Kobayashi Maru scene was crap. It's like taking a test and grinning at your teacher while reading the answers from cuecards in plain sight. If you watch STII Kirk says that he got a commendation for creative thinking. Here the only commendation he would get would be for "most stupid and most obvious cheating".

If Delta Vega was an orbiting moon, it surely would get destroyed if Vulcan would turn into a Black Hole. They clearly where already traveling some time with Warp Speed after leaving Vulcan, so the 2 planets are probably millions of kilometers apart. It's not a Science Documentary, but that was just stupid.

Lindelof didn't write Star Trek though, he's only come on board for Star Trek 2.

Jeez. Go to a cinema.

Oh god NO!!!!

Hopefully by the time the sequel happens, crewmen scientists will become smart enough to figure out how *not* to get lost in an alien structure that's basically just a large circle with one entrance/exit, not to mention having a three-dimensional model of said structure displayed on the captain's bridge, with little dots representing where said scientists are. Worst movie that came out this year, and that's saying a lot in a year that also gave us Snow White and the Huntress.


Nero wouldn't have warned Romulus, there were still decades go.

Kobayashi Maru test... they still had no idea how Kirk did what he did... he made his point. He didn't get a commendation ( which should make you happy ) but this was a different timeline.

As for the black hole... what? Do you mean there was some dodgy science in a Star Trek flick?? Oh my god, that's never happened.

I'd even argue that Kirk landing next to Spock on that planet was on purpose... yes it was an amazing coincidence - that was the whole point of the scene.

It wasn't an oscar winning screenplay.. but nowhere near as bad as people think.

Prometheus was rubbish ...

Fassbender was good, some of the effects were OK...

Otherwise.... it was part Alien cash in, and part vanity project... it was a mess.

Ummmm, hellooo 20th Century Fox: James Cameron needs to write the script - he will get it right. The only two films in this franchise ( A L I E N and ALIENS ) that have recieved universal accolades and earned the most money [ in inflation-adjusted dollars ] have had Ridley Scott and James Cameron on board. If Ridley is going to direct, then Cameron MUST pen the story,script it and produce it.
Then -- and only then -- will you have a film that makes a lick of sense and will rock critics and mass audiences alike.
I challenge anyone to say that my logic is unsound.

of course i will see it, even though i was somewhat let down prometheus didn't answer more of my questions about alien. the xenomorph is going to have to play a much bigger role in the sequel, as well as (hopefully) some answers to how the original derelict found its way to lv426 and some answers about the evolution of the xeno from prometheus to alien.

never seen lost, but star trek and prometheus was written well, IMO. Huge Sci-fi fan here.

It think the story your are looking for can be found around 1979. Look under Alien. Its about a follow up mission that lands on LV 223 and investigates the crashed ship. Stars Sigourney Weaver I think....

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