Thor 2 has its villain

News Ryan Lambie 2 Aug 2012 - 06:26
The Ninth Doctor

Some big casting news for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World: the actor who'll play the villain...

Marvel Studios are riding the crest of a wave of late, with the popularity of their movies constantly attracting the interest of great dramatic actors (or maybe it's the money...). At any rate, Thor was a lavish, star-studded affair, given even more thunder and heft thanks to the calibre of its cast.

As its sequel, Thor: The Dark World moves closer to full-on, cameras-whirring production, casting news is gradually beginning to filter through from Hollywood – and here's a particularly major one. The actor who will play its villain, Malekith the Accursed, the ruler of the Dark Elves will be none other than Christopher Eccleston.

He'll be taking over the role after Mads Mikkelsen (who scared us all with his beady eye in Valhalla Rising) vacated due to scheduling conflicts. In terms of the dramatic heft we alluded to earlier, Eccleston's superb casting once again from Marvel, as his role as the Doctor, and his numerous movie appearances prove. 

Just don't mention his role as the carpentry-obsessed villain of Gone In 60 Seconds. He did the best he could with the material at hand, bless him.

Thor: The Dark World's due out next November.

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Works for me.

Always enjoyed Malekith in the comics, hope they pull this off well.

Wonder if they'll shoehorn Kurse in somehow...


"Just don't mention his role as the carpentry-obsessed villain of Gone In 60 Seconds. He did the best he could with the material at hand, bless him."

What? Did he knock up a nice Louis XVI dress table? Maybe a rather swish decorative hat stand? Sorry, i've kinda scrubbed the movie from my memory.

Anyway, yay to his Thor casting.

I'm a bit surprised by this seeing as he seems to hate the fact that he's ever been associated with fantasy shows like DW and Heroes...looking into my crystal ball I can already see him refusing to speak in interviews about his role in the movie after the event, and refusing to sign any Thor 2 pictures :)

Doctor Who he was great but he hates, Heroes he was great but he hates, The Dark is Rising he was shite and he hates, GI Joe I couldn't tell you how he is but I suspect he hates that too... Could Thor be the first thing he's good in that he likes?

Really unfair criticism of Chris Eccleston. He has spoken often of his pride being associated with Doctor Who and I've read numerous accounts of him happily chatting to fans, inc youngsters. Just because he doesn't live his life attending conventions that doesn't mean he hates the things he's been in. Fans seems to think they own the people that are in the things they like: they don't, get over it.

Chris Eccleston doing evil gurning? Can't agree with many people about him being great in DW. He always seemed to revert to silly faces and both subsequent Doctors have been far better.

Well the first Thor wasn't full of great performances, so he might fit in ok.

Oh dear. He can be great but 60 Seconds, G.I. Joe and 28 Days later suggest villainy is not a good fit.

I don't care if he doesn't talk about this projects after he's done them, I think he's a great actor and a good addition to the Thor-verse.

Holy sh*t!!!

I love him as the Doctor but I do agree! I blame it on RTD's ridiculous mincing-via-script

He never hated Doctor Who. He didn't like how the crew behaved and how the higher-up staff treated the lower-down staff, which made him feel obliged to leave. He constantly says how proud he is to have been part of it, however briefly. I'm holding out for him returning in the 50th anniversary, since the crew will have had a near-complete overhaul since his last worked with them.

Well, THOR 2 just became 100% better. But, if he & HIddleston share the screen for too long, I'm just going to accept that I'm gay and start making out with all the men around me. You have been warned. ;p

Great actor - never Dr Who for me (good in Heroes)

i was a bit disappointed to hear that mads mikkelsen didn't have time to do this however now im happy about it i rate Chris eccleston as one of the best British actor working at the moment cant wait to see him get pummelled with mjolnir

I actually quite liked him as the baddy in 28 Days later. Not to mention he was quite good at doing creepy in Shallow Grave, tho I've not seen it in over a decade so it my memory may be playing tricks with me.

This is the worst casting decision since Sly Stallone as Judge Dredd!

Eccleston is bloody genius! This can only be good news. :D

If you're king of the elves , why have you got a northern accent? Lots of elves come from the north. All of them, in fact.

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