Cloud Atlas: extended trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 26 Jul 2012 - 09:38

An all-star cast gathers for the adaptation of David Mitchell's novel, Cloud Atlas. Here's a trailer...

Pour yourself a cup of tea and fluff up your cushions, dear reader, because you're in for a lengthy trailer. We always knew that an adaptation of David Mitchell's sprawling meditation on life, death and rebirth would require a lengthy film to fit it all in - and sure enough, the trailer for Cloud Atlas hints at a gigantic, epoch-spanning movie. 

It's a starry adaptation, too, with Tom Hanks appearing in a bewildering variety of hats, wigs and glasses, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw and Halle Berry among the recognisable faces. At five minutes, the trailer does a good job of hitting some of the key scenes from the book, though how it'll all coalesce into one coherent movie is anyone's guess.

There really are some handsome looking visuals in here, though - as you'd expect from a movie directed by Tom Tykwer (Run Lola, Run) and the Wachowskis (the Matrices).

Cloud Atlas is scheduled for release in the UK on the 10th October.

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Marvelous! I don't know why, but I was thinking "The fountain" as I watched this.

God, I hope this is as good as it looks, because it looks stunning!

Can't fault the trailer - left me breathless! looks stunning, just hope it manages to be emotionally engaging too. Epic in a good way! But best of all ... now know what my summer reading will be!

Gone. Bloody copyright

Visually stunning. But that's pretty much it, IMHO. It didn't make me want to watch the movie, TBH.

Caught this back in May at a test screening. It really is unlike anything else in the mainstream. I'm sure it will divide people, but I thought it was stunning, captivating and even at it's 3hr length it just kept me firmly in my seat. It works.

This video is no longer available.... :(

Sadly already taken down by Warner Bros. Looks incredible though.

This will be a horrendous mess. The book, which I like, absolutely does not lend it's self to film adaptation. It's a singular example of what you can do in a novel.

Plus the Wachowski's are involved and the source matter deals with questions identity, voice, destiny and we all know what happened last time they went down that route. Lush visuals notwithstanding, this will be a clusterfuck of epic proportions

It's been years since I read the novel (one of my all time favorites).....Since I saw Hanks in different time periods, I'm guessing they decided to use the same actors to play different characters in the film. Hopefully it works and I agree I never thought this would turn into a good film. It's probably best for those who have read the novel to view the film as it's own and not try to compare it.

It's an iTunes exclusive, so I watched it there... Interesting trailer. I'm not sure if I'll catch this one on theatre or wait for netflix. Visually it is impressive, but I don't trust them to tell an understandable story. The director's commentary video was moderately amusing.

Wow cracking!

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