Life Of Pi: new trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 25 Jul 2012 - 11:39

Its name makes us hungry, and the trailer’s full of animals. Here’s a new promo for Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi...

I haven’t read Life Of Pi, the novel from which Ang Lee’s latest novel is adapted, so I won’t even pretend to understand what’s happening in the trailer below. I can tell you there’s a boat with animals in it, and all kinds of surreal imagery akin to an expensive perfume commercial.

This is undoubtedly Ang Lee’s most effects-filled film yet - even compared to his Hulk interpretation - but it nevertheless contains all the poeticism we’ve come to associate with the director.

Life Of Pi stars Adil Hussain, Irrfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Tabu, and Tobey Maguire, plus a supporting cast of lots and lots of animals. Growl.

Life Of Pi opens on the 21st December in the UK.

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I think it looks pretty good and shows the various tones of the book.

Sigh. So much CG. :*

Is this film about someone trying to get back into Olympic rowing after a horrific boat crash and following Ricky Bobby's dad's advice of facing your fears by 'driving (or in this case rowing) with fear'? Seems to have got a Tiger rather than a Couger, but close enough. Worked for Ricky, so best of luck to him.

The book has a magical tone that would be hard to capture without using cg. Besides, it's a great story telling tool, if used well. And Ang Lee's one of the good guys.

Looks magnificent, looks to be an amazing story of friendship and survival, but I dread that it'll be an entire movie of sitting in a boat fending off a tiger and ages of befriending it.

I wonder how they're going to do this. The book was very much tied to perspective, which is very difficult to portray in film. I mean, it was a first-person narrative where the narrator tells a story, and at the end, he gives a key piece of information that puts into question the entire rest of the story. It worked for Fight Club, but it definitely presents an interesting challenge for the filmmakers.

I thought there were supposed to be more animals in the boat?

CGI tiger looks CGI

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