Kevin Costner signs up for McFarland

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24 Jul 2012 - 07:45
Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner returns to the sports drama genre that has served him well in the past, as he signs up for Disney’s McFarland.

We're of the firm opinion here that if there's one thing cinema could do with more of, it's Kevin Costner. Few actors at the height of their career have taken so many gambles, and chosen their material quite so wisely.

It's a shame, then, that he's not the name he once was, and as such hasn't been getting the roles an actor of his calibre deserves. But with last year's The Company Men, and Man Of Steel (as well as Django Unchained, before he had to bow out of the project) it looks as though balance is being restored.

It's pleasing then to report that he's signed up to star in McFarland for Disney, further strengthening the comeback. Niki Caro (Whale Rider) will direct the true story about a high school track coach looking to build a team against the odds in true Disney inspirational style.  

It’s a well known fact that sports movies and Costner go together well. The film's budget is a reportedly modest $17m, so here's hoping it works out well, turns a tidy profit, and keeps Mr Costner in good work...

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