New pictures from Dredd

News Simon Brew 19 Jul 2012 - 07:02

With the film just over a month away, a host of new pictures from the upcoming Dredd have just been released…

A few months ago, it seemed that there was absolute radio silence where the Dredd movie was concerned. But then they’ve turned things around. Overcoming rumours of problems with the movie, a trailer arrived, and then at Comic-Con, a bunch of people got to see the movie, and the buzz surrounding it has been mainly positive. That’s good to hear. If Dredd works, it opens up the possibility of more comic book movies in the $50m budget range, and that in turn means less conventional characters stand a chance of getting to the big screen.

While we wait for the film’s release – the movie is due on September 7th in the UK – a new batch of pictures have cropped up online. So take a look at those right here…

Karl Urban International.

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I'm not one to judge movies before they come out so hopefully this will be good

Every time new photos, clips or trailers are released I get more and more excited.

This has to be one of my most anticipated films of 2012 now.

How does he see in that Helmet?

Judges don't see...

They know.

I saw the Dredd panel at the London Film and Comic Con recently and they showed an exclusive clip that looked great. Everyone seemed to really be bothered about getting it 'right' this time too. Plus it's an independent, 18 rated film so I'm hoping for mucho violence...

I can't wait to see Walter on the big scween!!!

Why hasn't he got the shoulder eagle? Rubbish costume, unimpressed with the choice of actor. Josh Brolin would have been the man for me.

Basically every review so far has had nothing but praise for Karl Urban.

Also if you look at a photo from the other side of Dredd you'll notice he does have an eagle.

It still amazes me that some are still dismissing this film despite the near-perfect critical reception so far from those that have seen it.


Yup, Urban is great. My wife still gets all hot and bothered when he's on screen - works for me nicely :)

Lean Headey is so too much.

Josh Brolin is with Diane Lane now so STOP calling him.

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