An invitation to indie filmmakers

News Den Of Geek 17 Jul 2012 - 07:23

Have you made a film and want to try and get it noticed? We might be able to help...

For a while now, our inbox has been regularly getting messages from up and coming filmmakers, who have their own movie made, but want to get some publicity for it. Given the fact that we're generally flat out behind the scenes of the site, it's not been possible to do much to help. We're genuinely sorry about that, too. But we're going to try something for a few months, to see if it's of any use to you all.

Basically, it seems the hardest thing when you've made an indie filmn is to get it noticed. And that's where we want to help. So here's what we're suggesting.

If you're an indie film maker, without any distribution deal in place, then we invite you to send in your movie if you want us to watch it. We're having to be careful about this - we might get one, we might get hundreds. All we'll say is we'll watch as many as we can.

Furthermore, what we're not interested in doing is slamming films from people just trying to get a foot on the ladder. If we watch your film, don't like it, or don't have anything to say about it, we won't write about it. That seems the best way forward.

However, if there's a film that we like, or we find interesting, then we'll showcase it on the site. If it's brilliant, we'll scream from the rooftops. Metaphorically.

Inevitably, as we're in uncharted waters for us here, we're going to take this slowly, and thus we won't expect to have the first material on the site until September. What's more, if we find two movies in a year that we feel are worth covering, then that's all we'll do. We don't want to raise hopes. We're simple human beings, and it might be we can't even physically watch everything that we get, hence we're putting in a few caveats, to be on the safe side.

For the purposes of this, it's full features we're interested in, not shorts, web series, or crowdfunding appeals. We're genuinely looking to give publicity to good new films, that simply aren't getting noticed. If this works, then we may move on and try other areas where we can help, too.

We'll prioritise British films, but any good indie movies are welcome.

If you want to submit your movie, please put it on a DVD, and send it to:

New Movies
Den Of Geek
Dennis Publishing
30 Cleveland Street
London W1T 4JD

Many thanks for your time.

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this is a really excellent move from you guys. you have a really privileged platform so it's a nice way to help british film!

Good on you Den of Geek, I was only bitching a couple of weeks ago on here that I feel for the ordinary adam or eve (without funding or a place at film school) is denied any opportunity of a Showcase. Shane Meadows is a great filmaker to me because he is not part of the system and somehow manages to catch a reality in the lens. Thats what you aspiring film makers have to do, Screw the Zombies and Cheap Horror Flicks...Do something to get people thinking about their lives. Try CASHBACK as an example.

Wasn't quite a fan of cashback and its pacing but an interesting movie the dual world the main character exists in and that feeling of frozen time when working night shifts was nice.

Probably the first time ive ever heard the Movie mentioned outside of conversations with mates after i told them about it.

Does this apply solely to features?

For the minute, yes. Sorry: we just want to walk before we can run at the minute!

Will you accept digital screeners? (Private online links?)

Yes, but we're prioritising those who send a physical disc through for the time being.

Sooo ... this one went quiet pretty fast. Pity, loved the idea. What happened? Did you just get disappointing movies or simply not enough? Besides: did you receive my film? I sent it over from Germany.

We've gone through around 20 films so far - it's taken us a while, but the first couple of articles are coming up over the next week or so. Which film did you send over?

"The Caligari Experiment". German language, English subtitles. Unlikely candidate, but we poured our hearts into it.

The trailer (with subs) is on YouTube, btw. Dunno if I can post actual links, so to be save: type in "The Caligari Experiment" and/or "Mac Styran".

It'd be amazing to be featured here... fingers crossed. :)

Let me check that we've got it - Simon

Thanks a bunch.

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