22 Jump Street DVD and Blu-ray release date

News Simon Brew
10 Jul 2014 - 15:00

The hit live action comedy sequel, 22 Jump Street, will be arriving on disc in November.

The hugely successful sequel to 21 Jump Street, cunningly entitled 22 Jump Street, has proven itself to be the live action comedy of the year thus far. It's outperforming the original at the box office too, and also features one of the finest end credits sequences in living memory.

All the more reason why some people might want to catch the film again on DVD and Blu-ray. And now we know when to expect the movie’s release on disc. Amazon has popped 22 Jump Street up for order, with a November 17th 2014 date. At the moment, there’s a DVD and Blu-ray version, and the inevitable double pack too. You'll be getting a fair few chuckles for your money there, we'd suggest.

No word on extra features yet, mind.

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