Michael Fassbender to star in Assassin’s Creed adaptation

News Ryan Lambie 9 Jul 2012 - 13:26

The great Michael Fassbender will take the lead in an adaptation of Ubisoft’s videogame, Assassin’s Creed, we’ve learned…

Of the dozens of videogame adaptations we’ve sat through over the years, only one or two have been anywhere close to what we’d call ‘worthwhile’. And while we haven’t paid too much attention to the long-running rumours that an adaptation of Assassin’s Creed was in the offing, the latest news to dribble out of Hollywood has immediately caught our imagination.

According to Variety (news of which reached us via ComicBookMovie), the lead will be played by none other than Michael Fassbender. If you haven’t played the videogames, Assassin’s Creed is a mash-up of historical sandbox adventure and sci-fi; in each instalment, the player takes on the role of a hooded assassin charged with offing various evil characters throughout history. The games' emphasis on splashy killings, period detail and rooftop acrobatics could make for a visually arresting movie, particularly if there's a decent director at the helm.

It’s not yet clear which of the various games’ protagonists Fassbender will play – there have been three so far, going by the name of Altair, Ezio and Connor – but securing him is quite a coup for Ubisoft and Sony Pictures. At the very least, he’ll bring a touch of class and dramatic heft to a sub-category of filmmaking not known for its exceptional quality. 

Will Assassin’s Creed be the first truly brilliant videogame adaptation? We’re now extremely eager to find out.

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great choice imo

Well if anyone can pull this off, it's Fassbender.

My god. That is perfect casting.

How in the world could you tell the AC story w/out Desmond? Honestly?

I worded that badly. He needs to be in the film, I just meant out of this news. Fassbender's a great actor and I wouldn't want him to get stuck with such a boring character.

...No. Please God, no.

Bloody Fassbender walking around being all good-looking and talented and distracting people's girlfriends.


The thing is though, I genuinely wouldn't mind if they decided to go a bit mental and just do a straight up period film, preferably Ezio's story, and completely omit the Desmond/Animus/end of the world angle. I realised while plaing Revelations that I really don't care about Desmond and his quest to save the world, whereas I found Ezio's character development and story arc of rebuilding the Assassin order while fighting the Boargias/Byzantines really compelling.
Obviously I realise they will include Desmond in the film and really he is the main protagonist, but I'm just saying, personally I wouldn't mind if they cut him out...

Definitely intriguing :)

Anyone who thinks this is a bad choice or this film will end up badly should probably take a Fassbender 101 class.

Great casting however I would like to see someone who can do parkour well in such a role.

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