Christopher McQuarrie talks Jack Reacher

News Glen Chapman
27 Jun 2012 - 07:02

In a recent interview McQuarrie talked of the adaptation of the popular novel and the controversy around the casting of the lead.

The adaptation of Lee Child’s One Shot is set for release at the end of the year and has been re-titled Jack Reacher to focus firmly on the hero of the series of novels. Scripted and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, writer of The Usual Suspects, it boasts one hell of a cast.

In a recent interview McQuarrie spoke about the film and had the following to say: "One Shot is the one movie where the story begins before Reacher enters. He's essentially vanished and lives off the grid. He has a toothbrush and a passport and a fistful of cash, and that's it. How that choice of lifestyle affects the plot of One Shot was probably the determination of why this was the best book to introduce the character."

McQuarrie also commented on the casting of Tom Cruise in the lead role, a move that has been seen as controversial to fans of the source as Cruise’s build isn’t quite that of the hero. "That's to confuse character with characteristics", he argued. "What drew me to Reacher was what I love about him, and that's his mind. Tom is extremely personable and completely unstoppable. That really is, to me, Jack Reacher."

Child’s said that finding a perfect fit for the role would be impossible and gave the casting of Tom Cruise his blessing in an interview last year. I guess we’ll have to wait until the release of the film to see if the star does enough to win over fans of the series.


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