Rob Zombie set for Broad Street Bullies

News Glen Chapman
21 Jun 2012 - 06:33

Another ultra-violent Hockey movie looks to be on the cards as Zombie signs on to direct the story of one of the NHL's most notorious teams.

It seems to be a good time for fans of ice hockey movies, with Goon this year turning out to be a lot of fun (one of my favourites of the year to date) and Kevin Smith's Hit Somebody set to be the director's next project. Goon followed in the footsteps of Slap Shot with its depiction of the violent side of the game, and with a title like Hit Somebody you'd expect Smith's film to do the same. 

It would now appear that Rob Zombie is set to follow suit, as he has signed on to direct Broad Street Bullies, which will most certainly deliver on the violence front given the team it's based on. That team in question is The Philadelphia Flyersof the early 70s, regarded as one of the toughest of all time. Their bone crunching tactics led them to two championships and lead enforcer Dave Schultz still holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes served in a season. Those Zombie fans fearing the director is going soft needn't worry as this will be a film that will inevitably deliver high amounts of ultra violence. 

Zombie has the following to say about the film: "Each character involved is more outrageous than the next. The backdrop of the turbulent year of 1974 is perfect for this stranger-than-fiction sports tale." 

He also went in to describe the project as a cross between Rocky and Boogie Nights, which makes us very interested in this film. As we get more news on it, we'll pass it on...


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