Pixar’s Monsters University: teaser trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
20 Jun 2012 - 09:33

It’s further education, Pixar style in the teaser trailer for the studio’s forthcoming Monsters University…

Have you ever wondered what a frathouse comedy made by Pixar might look like? Well, wonder no longer as the teaser trailer for Monsters University arrives online. Reintroducing us to hapless monsters Mike and Sully (voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman respectively), Monsters University sees the pair head to college to learn how to terrorise the human race more efficiently.

It’s little more than a minute long, but the trailer’s certainly piqued our interest – not least because of the expert deployment of a Duran Duran [Edit: Spandau Ballet] song. The movie proves there’s plenty of mileage in Mike and Sully’s partnership, too – expect Monsters Gap Year, Monsters Internship and Monsters Unemployment to follow in due course.

Monsters University is out next summer.

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