Tonka movie drives into production

News Glen Chapman 13 Jun 2012 - 05:26

Hasbro and Sony get set to unleash another one of their properties on cinemas.

Despite some rather savage reviews, the likes of Transformers and Battleship have still performed well at the box office (although the latter not as well as expected, saved by its non-US take), so movies based on Hasbro properties could become as common as superhero movies in cinema if the company has its way. Certainly, more movies are in the works. One such project is a film based on Tonka tucks which is set to be developed with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison productions with Grown Ups writer Fred Wolf on script duties. 

Sony have the following to say about the project:  

"TONKA, the Hasbro brand that for 65 years has stood for its line of toy trucks for children, will bring its TONKA toughness to the big screen in a fully animated motion picture to be produced by Sony Pictures Animation, Hasbro and Happy Madison Productions.  The announcement was made today by Bob Osher, president, Sony Pictures Digital Productions, Michelle Raimo-Kouyate, president of Production for Sony Pictures Animation and Brian Goldner, president and CEO of Hasbro.  The film will also be produced and developed by Goldner and Hasbro’s senior vice president and managing director of motion pictures, Bennett Schneir and will be written by Fred Wolf."

You can't help but feel a little cynical about this. Presumably they feel they can shift tie in merchandise in a similar manner demonstrated by Pixar with Cars. On the plus side though; this comes as I was looking to stick a load of old Tonka toys that have been taking up garage space on eBay. Might hold off for a bit now.

Sony (via Latino Review) 

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What's next;a Rubics cube movie.Well it did have a cameo in transformers..

Hey, if this is a remake of killdozer, I'm in!

Killdozer: Now that brings back terrifying childhood memories.Clint Walker versus Machine.Scarier(and cheesier) than Duel because the 'dozer didn't have a driver.Epic.

And it already has alien involvement in it, so Hasbro can continue where they left off with Battleship and make it really crap without trying! 

Wow, Killdozer, I haven't thought about that in years. Excellent movie...was always one of my favourites when I was a kid.

Yes, the alien ship seemed to sit still at the end and let itself be blown up (maybe they damaged their sun visor?), what it was actually doing was transferring its A.I. into some nearby construction machines on the island.

"Build it and they will come..."

**Said out of the side of the mouth like Homer Simpson** - Shut up! They may have the "writers" monitoring this page for ideas!

Speaking of Hasbro. Where is my Heroscape movie?

JCB the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the father of a 10 year old girl, I've seen MORE than my share of ugh/blah CGI animated cartoons over the last 5 years..sure Ive seen a few great ones, like Wall E, Megamind, etc....but, in between those, I have sat through PLENTY of really BLAH/predictable ones....Space Chimps 2 really was the LAST STRAW for me-  I now basically just use these films as chances to catch up on some sleep

Hey guys, April 1st was awhile back. Good joke though.

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