Costner, Damon and Freeman to join The Magnificent Seven

News Glen Chapman 11 Jun 2012 - 06:50

MGM’s remake of The Magnificent Seven already has Tom Cruise attached. And now it appears some more top quality names have been added.

Usually we’re wary of bringing you film news where the source doesn’t specialise in cinematic endeavours, but given the film in question we think this one is worth passing on, on the off chance that it turns out to be true.

The Sun is reporting that three actors have been cast in the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven, and those actors are Matt Damon, Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman. Which, if this is true, is quite a starting point for the ensemble cast which of course already includes Tom Cruise, who will be playing the role of Chris (originally made famous by Yul Brynner).

Matt Damon is reported to play the role of Vin, so will be filling Steve McQueen’s shoes, and Kevin Costner will be playing Britt who was originally played by James Coburn. Morgan Freeman, however, won’t be playing one of the seven according to this rumour. He's up for villain duties.

All of course have performed magnificently in westerns previously, so this would represent some damn fine pieces of casting for the film and would certainly point to the fact that MGM intends for this to be a high quality production.

The Sun.

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This is starting to interest me. Glad to see Costner getting more decent roles again.

It's The Sun. It's not true.

Whilst 99% of things you read in the The Sun are complete bollocks, I really WANT to believe this is true.  If Morgan Freeman isn't the villain, I would love to Jack Nicholson in some capacity.

Again if it is in the sun i have my doubts but Costner is a well known fan of the original and would love to see him in the remake..i'd prefer him as Chris and have Cruise as Brett but that's just me...

Not entirely convinced by the casting, but I'm a big fan of the original so I'll be keeping an eye on this. I wonder if this will be a darker movie, and who will they cast as the annoying whipper-snapper Chico. I hope they pick the right man for Charles Bronson's role too: he was a convincing tough-guy.

Casting . . . could be awesome or could be a dangerous combo! I'm loving it!

It's starting to sound more like the Metamucil Seven

Awesome casting if that's true. Now all we need is Nathan Fillion in there somewhere and it will be epic!

No to Tom Cruise as Chris. Yuck!    Brad Pitt or Vin Diesel instead.

Another day, another remake. Oh, wait. I'm not surprised. It's from MGM.

I'm guessing they are not returning to original ideas anytime soon and are just staying afloot with remakes and Bond films. Oh, well. I still enjoy the Bonds though.

Maybe we can see Lionsgate move up in the world and see MGM take their place in the movie industry.

Brad Pitt. Who starred in one of the biggest flop Westerns of the last 20 years. I think NOT.

yeah, i always enjoy Costner and have missed him on the screen since his star began to fail

i do tend to like Tom Cruise, or at very least the projects he chooses, but a western seems a bit out of his bailiwick, and I could see him detracting from the mood/atmosphere.  they should have given his role to someone with a bit more range and a little less big star who plays himself charismatically.

i havent watched it, but costner was just in a western mini series on tv, The Hatfields and the McCoys.  anyone catche that?

Sounds like a great cast to me. 

It's been scientifically proven that Nathan Fillion makes every film he appears in 200% better.  Fact.

Yeah, he's always been a decent actor and to be fair to him, he's usually watchable even if the films he's been in are not.

The original is the finest Western movie of all time, so I have doubts about this idea. If it happens though, I hope they attempt a quality production that keeps to the spirit of the 'proper' one.

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