Writer hired for Wonder Woman movie

News Glen Chapman
7 Jun 2012 - 07:38

DC has more than a Justice League movie up its sleeve. It's pushed ahead with Wonder Woman, too...

Along the breaking news of a Justice League movie pressing ahead at Warner Bros, a further nugget of information also appeared. And that's that a writer has been hired for the long-mooted Wonder Woman film. The writer in question? Michael Goldenberg, who previously penned Green Lantern. He doesn't appear to be working to a planned release date at the moment, as the project is very much in its infancy. But it's interesting news nonetheless, especially given that the recent attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen didn't get very far at all.

If the film does go ahead, which now it looks increasingly likely to, you'd feel that it would be silly not to cast Christina Hendricks in the lead role. Even better: have Nicolas Winding Refn direct, as both were far from shy about discussing the project last year when publicising Drive.

We sincerely hope that DC and Warner Brothers take a chance on Winding Refn and Hendricks rather than going for a safe option, but we'll keep you posted as to how things pan out...


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