Writer hired for Wonder Woman movie

News Glen Chapman 7 Jun 2012 - 07:38

DC has more than a Justice League movie up its sleeve. It's pushed ahead with Wonder Woman, too...

Along the breaking news of a Justice League movie pressing ahead at Warner Bros, a further nugget of information also appeared. And that's that a writer has been hired for the long-mooted Wonder Woman film. The writer in question? Michael Goldenberg, who previously penned Green Lantern. He doesn't appear to be working to a planned release date at the moment, as the project is very much in its infancy. But it's interesting news nonetheless, especially given that the recent attempt to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen didn't get very far at all.

If the film does go ahead, which now it looks increasingly likely to, you'd feel that it would be silly not to cast Christina Hendricks in the lead role. Even better: have Nicolas Winding Refn direct, as both were far from shy about discussing the project last year when publicising Drive.

We sincerely hope that DC and Warner Brothers take a chance on Winding Refn and Hendricks rather than going for a safe option, but we'll keep you posted as to how things pan out...


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Goldberg? Really? Why make the same mistake twice?

And the DC universe films crank up for the Justice League........but Goldenberg again? He must have photos of someone. 

They want John Carter's girlfriend for WW.

If this is the first Justice League prequel to see the light of day they really need to tread very careful on this one. I would certainly recommend taking off the list anyone who has any connection with WW off the list immediately and start from scratch. And please get Goldenberg to actually read the comic books this time (he couldn't have read many Green Lantern comics). Lynda Carter was a great Wonder Woman but the TV series stank when it came to scripts. Certainly Christina Hendricks has a good look for the Amazon (isn't that copyright now?) Princess but please give her some super-powers now, the speed, agility and animal talk would all make for a differing view from the series. Has anyone else seen the animated Wonder Woman movie from 2009?

Hendricks ................................... sorry I .......... I had a moment there.  What were we talking about again?

Hendricks, although tasty, completely wrong for WW

one of my favorite DC animated films, although i don't think it sold that well

I don't know about Hendricks to be honest...

Disagree with casting Hendrix, she's hot but Wonder Woman????

Hiring the writer of the Green Lantern movie does not inspire confidence.   Will the Greek Gods be mentioned or will they be reduced to a single giant glowing dust bunny?

 Saw the film but thought it watered down the character, it removed her ability of flight and speed, as gifted by Hermes (Post Crisis era) in favor of an invisible jet.  The original TV series should not be used for reference.  Wonder Woman should be portrayed as she was on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series that aired on Cartoon Network in the US.

maybe they could cast an unknown, search for someone athletic who has some charisma and can act.  or choose someone foreign who would bring a sense of the exotic to the character.

I agree hendricks is hot, but she is pillowy hot, not amazon warrior hot.  she would be as miscast as a waif would be.  that's the problem with casting out of regular hollywood stars, there just aren't too many choices of women who would be tall and strong and solid looking

Uh...have you guys SEEN Christina Hendricks? She would kill herself in that outfit! LOL!!

Or at least be partially smothered whenever she decided to sprint!

Spend an extra $20 and get a decent writer.  Anne Hathaway wouldn't be on my list to play Catwoman, but I trust Nolan; so if they get a good director and a good writer, Hendrix could play  the part well.

Well if it's as well written as the Green Lantern was, I'm sure it will be just as big of a box office smash.

I disagree about Hendricks being cast as Wonder Woman. She looks fanatastic but I'd go for someone who looks more athletic. I'd go for Bridget Regan. She's sexy and she can beat the crap out of men very convincingly - unlike most skinny Hollywood actresses, who would probably break their arm by even trying to lift a small knife.

Big fan of Hendricks as I am, I just don't see her as WW (wonderful - yes, WW - no). They should look out for a young Lucy Lawless. Hell, why not go for LL anyway and get Zoe Bell signed up straight away too! Why should she be a young slip of a thing? Give the (pretty weak imho) character an air of gravitas, instead of portraying it with someone who's just this weeks FHM cover.  

If that's true, then I think it will be a good choice. Lynn Collins has a very exoctic look and she handled the physical scenes very well in John Carter.

i saw the Wonder Woman pilot was it great, well no, but it kicked the crap out of many TV shows.   Fan-boys killed it by mounting hate floods about things like hair style and crap that honestly never appeared in  the final product.. fan-boys are never sure what they want but are always sure they don't like what they get.. one wonders why anyone bothers to put out genre material...

um  to make my previous point i have read the posts about this article NOT one person said, "interesting" or even "i''m going to hold off my opinion until i see it"

Agreed.  It was excellent.

So WB booted Joss Whedon after he worked on it for 12 months some years back...and now they're hiring one of the writers of Green Lantern.  Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic.

I hope someone at DC got fired after seeing what Whedon did with the Avengers.

Who knows maybe now that he's established what he can do they'll invite him back and say all is forgiven? As long he gets a co-writer slot on the script I'm sure he can balance out whatever madness Goldenberg suggests.

Gina Carano as Wonder Woman.  Who else?

 You read my mind. She's absolutely perfect for the role. Especially in an ensemble flick.

 I liked Gina until I saw John Carter and realized Wonder Woman was already living as Princess of Mars!

Lynn Collins demonstrated she is almost too perfect for Wonder Woman :)  I was floored when I saw her in John Carter!

Christina Hendricks is not a good choice for Wonder Woman, please try to look ahead, she's already in her late thirties (37). WB need to find someone in her twenties so that she can play Wonder Woman for many years to come, preferably a newcomer. People keep suggesting actresses in their thirties. If people actually knew anything about Wonder Woman they would know that Wonder Woman is a young woman in her early twenties. Hendricks also has the wrong body shape, she has a 32 inch waist, Lynda Carter had a 25 inch waist. Could you imagine Christina Hendricks running with her enormous bosom. I wish people would stop fantasizing and try to be realistic.

She's 35 years old, they need to find an actress who can play the role for at least six years. I agree she's beautiful but she cannot pass for a 21-23 year old woman. She would be a good choice for Hippolyte, her Mother but not Diana.

Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth Chase (demigod daughter of Athena) in the Percy Jackson Movies) should be the new Wonder Woman.

Birth Name : Alexandra Anna Daddario
Birth Date: March 16, 1986
Birth Place: New York
Height : 173 cm - 5 ft 8 in
Weight : 55 kg - 120 lb
Shoe Size : 8

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