Iron Man 3 villains revealed?

News Glen Chapman 31 May 2012 - 06:57

Spoilers ahoy as the villains for Iron Man 3 have potentially been revealed.

Appreciating that there appears to be a daily quota of Marvel movie news to fill, there's been little problem in doing so of late. And now that Iron Man 3 has started filming? It might be an idea to prepare yourself for a lot more.

Spoilers follow, then, as some major news about the film has surfaced.

The news comes courtesy of the fine folks at Latino Review, who have confirmed that Sir Ben Kingsley will indeed be playing The Mandarin in the film. However he won't be the main villain of Iron Man 3, it seems, and will act as more of a veiled threat, working in conjunction with Guy Pearce's Aldrich Killian, the creator of the nanobot technology, Extremis. Killian ("I'll be back" - sorry, bad 80s Arnie movie joke) is building an army which will act as the main threat, and consist of Coldblood and Firepower, with signs pointing to James Badge Dale playing the former and Ashley Hamilton playing the latter. 

The film will reportedly have more of a Bond feel than a traditional superhero movie, which could certainly be interesting. As exciting as all of these announcements are, the main draw is still the reunion of Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black. We love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

More on Iron Man 3 when we get it.  

Latino Review 

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I dont care how "cool" and "high tech" it sounds.  its silly and NEVER works out.  

Iron Patriot has also been snapped on set. Interesting how they will incorporate his back story since I imagine the rights to Norman Osborne are owned by Sony for the Spidey flicks.

According to Empire, Eric Savin will be wearing the Iron Patriot armour, so they probably didn't sell the rights to every single Osborne related material and can use IP so long as the origin is changed.

Mandarin as a secondary villian? Does this mean they're setting him up for a bigger role in another film or they just don't see IM's #1 antagonist as being a big enough threat on film? 

I trust Shane Black but this doesnt sound good.

I do not want to see Ironman fight more robots/Iron man clones

Lets have somehing new!

Sure.  Get the Indian guy to play a Chinese. Seems legit.

Alot of  villians for one hero. One wonders how they are going to make it so it makes sense the Avengers don't come and get involved. 
Also. Please let the Hulk be in this???? Pretty please???

Iron Man does tend to fight a lot of similarly tech'd up bad guys though.  It's just what he does. To make it interesting though they have to have the advantage in some way with either superior tech or numbers.

I'd like to see them go with Kang or someone like that for IM4 though and have Tony bounce around in time in the armour.

He's just going to be the one pulling the strings as he should be.

In the comics it's always the case that Tony has to jump through hoops and over many obstacles before he ever gets to confront the Mandarin in person.  And even then I think the Mandarin should have some tech advantage over him in some way.

Too many dicks on the dancefloor.....

Hulk won't be in this. Script was set way before Avengers came out and triggered the current Hulk love-in.

Let's hope this doesn't go the same route as Spiderman 3 and try to squeeze too many antagonists into one story...

I think last year Black said he didn't like The Mandarin as he's a racial stereotype. So his answer to that is, what, cast an indian guy?

Why do superhero movies always try the more villains = better film approach?

Learn from The Avengers, which was brilliant with just Loki and his minions.

 Kingsley is British !!  How the hell can some of you idiots call yourselves film fans.

half indian half british

He's got Rhodey with his War Machine.

light of concords

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