Sad video: 10 years since a Will Smith movie theme song

News Simon Brew 23 May 2012 - 16:24

Not since Men In Black 2 has Will Smith done the title song to one of his films. Here, some fine folks issue an appeal, as it's revealed that title track duties on Men In Black 3 have gone elsewhere...

We liked this. We hadn't appreciated that it's been a decade since Will Smith recorded the title track for one of his movies, but the stars of this video clearly done.

They've put together a heart-wrenching appeal to him to relive the glory days, given that he's not even doing the Men In Black 3 title track.

Over, then, to 'Save Us, Will Smith'. Take it away...

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brought a manly tear to my eye

Genius. Some interviewer somewhere needs to make sure that he sees this!

So Will Smith is basically the Dennis Waterman of Hollywood? so you want him to write the theme tune, rap the theme tune....


are sorry his last song was switch for the 2005 film hitch 

Big Willie Style - props for that chestnut!

The tears of sadness would of streamed down my face if I didn't have my tear-ducts removed by a miss-timed jump shot on a 9-ball table. Instead the dust blows freely from the corners of my eye in appreciation of this plea.

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