Four minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man

Trailer Simon Brew
15 May 2012 - 06:28

Take a long look at the incoming The Amazing Spider-Man, courtesy of this extended promo...

In a summer where the plan seems to be for studios to show lots of their movies off well in advance, we're being genuinely careful about what we post, lest we end up stuffing the site with a ton of stuff that risks spoiling the movie at the end of it all (here's an anagram of the name of the film that's aimed at: Promethesu).

So we were a little in two minds about a four minute promo for the increasingly interesting-looking The Amazing Spider-Man. But then we figured we're all grown-ups here. And, more tellingly, we couldn't resist watching it ourselves. Ahem.

 Here, then, is a four minute preview of the return of the webslinger. The Amazing Spider-Man is due in cinemas on 3rd July...

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