John Hillcoat’s Lawless: stunning first trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
25 Apr 2012 - 10:43

Director John Hillcoat assembles a spectacular cast for the uncompromising period drama, Lawless. Here’s the first trailer…

By the end of this summer, it’s just possible that you’ll be crying out to see a movie that isn’t dominated by men in capes or lots of glossy CG effects. If so, John Hillcoat’s Lawless may be just the antidote to a summer of comic book movies – and it’s unlikely you’ll see a starrier cast outside of The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce are just a few of the acting heavyweights to star in Hillcoat’s movie, formerly known as The Wettest County In The World. A Depression-era drama about a gang of bootleggers operating in Franklin County, Virginia, it’s a raw, uncompromising-looking drama with flashes of violence which, for some reason, remind me of John Milius’ excellent 1973 film, Dillinger – it’s probably all those Tommy guns, and all that dust.

Hillcoat, of course, is the chap who brought us the spectacularly bleak The Proposition, and the Cormack McCarthy adaptation, The Road. Those were reasons enough to arouse our interest in Lawless, but having seen the excellent first trailer, the film’s now leapt to the top of our most-anticipated list.

Lawless is out on the 31st August in the UK.

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