Mel Gibson set to join Machete Kills

News Simon Brew
24 Apr 2012 - 08:24
Mel Gibson

Robert Rodriguez adds Mel Gibson to the cast list, for the soon-to-shoot sequel, Machete Kills…

Work is underway on bringing the second Machete film to the big screen, with Danny Trejo set to reprise the role in Machete Kills. Robert Rodriguez is directing by himself this time, with production due to start imminently. And it seems that he might be adding a familiar face to the cast.

That face belongs to Mel Gibson, a man who, if we’re being frank, isn’t near the top of too many peoples’ casting wishlist these days. Gibson, though, is most certainly in talks for Machete Kills.

It’s unclear at the moment just what role Gibson will be taking, but expect this one to be confirmed imminently.

The Hollywood Reporter

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