Adam McKay talks Anchorman 2

News Glen Chapman
23 Apr 2012 - 19:05

Want to know what awaits the Action News team in the sequel to Anchorman? Well, director Adam McKay gave some hints in a recent interview.

After years of the Anchorman sequel being rumoured, Will Ferrell announced that things were pressing ahead last month by unleashing Ron Burgundy on Conan O'Brien's chat show.

Director and co-writer of Anchorman Adam McKay has now been talking about how the writing had been going, and what audiences can expect from the film:

"We've done about two per cent! Half a per cent? We've got five pages of story notes and chunks of story. We're holing up writing for the next three months", he told Empire.

"We know these guys never deal well with change and the good thing is that there's a big blast of change coming, according to the regular timeline. We're going to be throwing a lot of innovation at them, and they're not going to handle it well."

"It's right when all the news started changing with the 24-hours news cycle in 78 or 79. All of a sudden, local news stations diversified and had Latino anchors and African-American anchors, and any time you're talking about diversity and the Action News team, that's always fun to deal with."

McKay also confirmed that audiences can expect another gang fight similar to the one seen in the first film. That should ensure some decent cameos again for starters.

More on Anchorman 2 when we get it.


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