Michael Madsen returning for Sin City 2

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19 Apr 2012 - 07:22
Michael Madsen in Sin City

The first piece of casting news for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For sees the return of Michael Madsen…

It was revealed just the other week that casting was starting on the eagerly awaited Sin City follow-up, A Dame To Kill For. But there’s one face who already appears locked for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s new movie.

That face belongs to Michael Madsen, who played Bob, the corrupt partner of Bruce Willis’ character, in the original movie. He’s confirmed his involvement in the new Sin City film in an interview over at Smashing Interviews. He told the site that “I’m doing the sequel to Sin City. That would be Sin City 2. I’m going to Ft Worth, Texas, and there is supposed to be some sort of a symposium or some Sin City panel where we’re going to talk about the film.”

That’s all we know thus far, but Madsen is the first cast member who appears to be officially on board. Production is due to start on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For over the summer. We’ll keep you posted on it.

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