Julianne Moore in talks for Carrie remake

News Glen Chapman
18 Apr 2012 - 20:08

With Chloe Moretz confirmed in the title role in the remake of Carrie, Julianne Moore looks set to play her on-screen mother.

From the reaction to the announcement of the proposed new cinematic take on Stephen King's Carrie, it seems that this is another remake that people are less than enthusiastic about. However, there are signs that this could be a promising project.

It was announced some time back that Boys Don't Cry director Kimberley Peirce is directing, which is a good start, considering that themes of identity and prejudice are present in both. Plus the casting of Chloe Moretz in the lead role is another promising move.

Another of the key pieces in the puzzle is the casting of Carrie's mother, and an actress of considerable talent would be required to play the oppressive matriarch and fundamentalist (with a firm emphasis on mentalist) Christian. Jodie Foster was linked for some time, but it has now been revealed that Julianne Moore is in talks for the role. This would be another great piece of casting.

It seems that Universal are looking to make a quality film here rather than simply go for a lazy cash grab. With that being the case here's hoping that the rest of the cast is filled with actors of this quality and this turns out to be a worthwhile project.

The film is set for a March 2013 US release

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