Len Wiseman discusses Total Recall

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14 Apr 2012 - 13:58
Total Recall

In a recent interview, director Len Wiseman has discussed his version of Total Recall, and how it compares to his other films.

As with any remake, there has been a fair level of scorn and scepticism directed at Len Wiseman’s take on Total Recall, due out in August. But Wiseman has been keen to state that the film will be sufficiently different to Paul Verhoeven’s adaptation of Philip K Dick's We Can Remember It For You Wholsesale, and closer to the source material.

Explaining the differences in a recent interview, Wiseman said “one of the main things that’s different in this version is a vulnerability that I really wanted the character of Doug Quaid to have.

“Colin [Farrell] got himself in wicked shape for this film but I didn’t want the focus to be ‘Who’s going to be the next Arnold replacement?’. When [the film] first surfaced, every WWF wrestler was linked to it, and that was the opposite direction of the way I wanted to go.”

Which ones, we wonder?

Wiseman was also drawn on how the film would compare to his other works. “It’s about five times as large", he admitted. "We’ve got something like 1,800 visual-effects shots. Even though I still do as much practically as possible, it’s still an enormous visual effects film. It’s the most ambitious movie I’ve ever done.”

There's still some suspicion about the film, but the first trailer looked really quite smart. Could Wiseman pull this one off? We'll find out in August, when Total Recall is released...

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