Sin City 2 has a title and a start date

News Simon Brew
13 Apr 2012 - 07:32
Sin City

Finally: the second Sin City film will start filming this summer, and it’ll be called Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Since the first film arrived back in the summer of 2005, Robert Rodriguez has continually insisted that a second Sin City movie would happen. It’s taken its time to get before the cameras, too, but a few weeks’ back, the first hints emerged that the wheels might be turning on the project.

Now, though, comes an official announcement, courtesy of a press release from Dimension Films. In it, it’s confirmed that production is expected to begin on the new film this summer, working from a screenplay by Frank Miller and William Monahan.

Casting begins next week, and whilst the press statement doesn’t explicitly say it, it looks like Rodriguez and Frank Miller will be directing.

Finally, then, there’s the title. The new Sin City film will be called Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. As we hear more about it, we’ll be letting you know…

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