Woody Harrelson in negotiations to appear in Scott Cooper’s Out Of The Furnace

News Glen Chapman
10 Apr 2012 - 17:01

A man in demand of late, Woody Harrelson looks to have landed another good role in director Scott Cooper’s Out Of The Furnace...

Out Of The Furnace,
Scott Cooper’s first feature since 2009's Crazy Heart, already has one hell of a cast in place, but it looks to get even stronger as Woody Harrelson is in final negations for the role of a violent leader of a criminal organisation - which you wouldn’t imagine would be too much of a stretch after his performance in Rampart. The role was linked to Billy Bob Thornton for some time, but Cooper had to look elsewhere after the actor dropped out of contention.

Harrelson’s nefarious Curtis DeGroat draws Casey Affleck's character (name currently unknown) into his world. With the move proving fatal for young Mr Affleck, his brother, played by Christian Bale, seeks revenge. Zoe Saldana is set to play Bale’s love interest, and Sam Shepard will play his uncle (you’d imagine that he’d be a smashing uncle to have), with Forest Whitaker playing a bookie who’s responsible for Affleck’s death.

Revenge thrillers are, of course, quite common, with the truly great ones being few and far between. But with the talent involved in this one, we’d wager that this will be a strong offering indeed.


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