Gary Ross passes on Catching Fire

News Glen Chapman
9 Apr 2012 - 19:21

Director Gary Ross has decided not to return to direct the sequel to The Hunger Games...

With the overwhelming success of The Hunger Games, sights have been set on the sequel Catching Fire. Last week it was reported that financial and schedule constraints could cause problems for the sequel and that director Gary Ross has yet to sign on, but it now turns out that he has passed on the opportunity to return instead favouring an original project of his instead.

Some will see this as welcome news, given the fact that Ross' ability to shoot action has been criticised in some quarters. The reliance on shaky cam tactics did seem a little excessive, but presumably this was as a result of the pressures not to show the full effect of the violence on screen.

I don't think that the studio will be overly worried that this will hinder their plans for the sequel, as the Harry Potter franchise for example has proven that having continuity behind the camera isn't necessary for success, and that frequent change can keep things fresh. Still, you'd imagine that Lionsgate will waste no time in attempting to secure a replacement to helm the follow up Catching Fire which is scheduled for a 22nd November 2013 release.

Who would you like to see direct Catching Fire?

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