Anchorman 2 gets the green light

News Simon Brew
29 Mar 2012 - 06:06
Ron Burgundy rules. But he doesn't rule in HD.

It’s definite: there’s going to be another Anchorman movie, as the further adventures of Ron Burgundy are set for the big screen…

A project many of us had long assumed was dead, there’s finally some excellent news for fans of Mr Ron Burgundy: Anchorman is going to get a sequel after all.

The film has been discussed for many years, but the feeling was that Paramount didn’t want to gamble on it, fearing that there wasn’t enough of an audience to justify how much it would cost to get everyone back together. Turns out, though, that it’s had an about turn, as Will Ferrell took to the Conan show in the US to announce that the film was happening.

What’s more, Ferrell – who is penning the script – will also be reunited with original director Adam McKay, who will be calling the shots again. We’d expect that most of the original cast will be back, although nothing’s been confirmed there yet.

There’s still a long way to go yet, but might it me too much, we wonder, to hope for Anchorman 2 at some point next years? Fingers crossed…

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