Kenneth Branagh to direct the next Jack Ryan film

News Simon Brew
28 Mar 2012 - 07:54
Kenneth Branagh

Jack Bender’s departure from the director’s chair of the new Jack Ryan film has cleared the way for Kenenth Branagh to take over…

Things haven’t been moving too quickly, it seems, on the plan to bring the Jack Ryan franchise back to cinema screens. It’s certainly been a long time since Chris Pine was cast as the man to take over the role of Ryan (replacing Ben Affleck, after the underappreciated The Sum Of All Fears), with no obvious sign of production starting.

Earlier in the week, the film was dealt a blow, too, when director Jack Bender, who had been attached, left the project. However, it seems that Paramount hasn’t been messing around when it comes to finding a replacement.

That replacement? Kenneth Branagh, whose stock was done no harm whatsoever by the critical and commercial success of Thor last year. 

There’s still no word on a start date for shooting yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Certainly, getting a new director on board should get things moving...


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