Michael Winslow: the new Police Academy film, Shaquille O'Neal as Hightower?

News Nicholas Higton 21 Mar 2012 - 07:43
Michael Winslow in Police Academy

A new director, a November shoot, and Shaquille O'Neal as Hightower? Michael Winslow has just given a big update on the plans for the new Police Academy...

We’re indebted to Den Of Geek reader Nicholas Higton for this one. Michael Winslow, the one-man noise machine from the Police Academy movies, is currently in the UK promoting his one man tour. And he appeared on TalkSport radio, specifically the Hawksbee and Jacobs show, yesterday afternoon.

While on the show, he was asked what the current status of the long-mooted new Police Academy movie was. Turns out, he had quite an update.

Asked whether the plan was to get the old team back together, Winslow admitted he’d spoken to Steve Guttenberg about this, and that the plans was “to try and get as many people as possible” back for the new film.

Then, Winslow noted that two major members of the cast had passed on since the last film, namely David Graf (Tackleberry) and Bubba Smith (Hightower). However, he revealed that “we’ve asked Shaquille O’Neal to take over as Hightower”.

He added that “Production was supposed to start in April, but with the new director that they’ve just hired, it’ll probably be November. But we will be having it out for 2013.”

We’ve no idea who the new director is, nor if Shaquille O’Neal has accepted the Hightower role. But we’ll keep you posted.


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I agree with you. Besides, if Police Academy 8 was going to be a terrible movie, it needs the following four things to accomplish this:

1.Rely too much on CGI for the stunts and special effects, just like the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy.

2.Have Michael Bay, Uwe Boll, or Paul W.S. Anderson direct the film.

3.Make the film all super high-tech, such as the squad cars flying, and the officers wearing uniforms that show off their abs.

4.Cast Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox and give them lorryloads of screentime than Mahoney, Jones, Harris, or any of the originals.

there you go, that's the recipe if you wanna make Police Academy 8
shitty, but I'm confident that Maslansky won't do any of that since once he gets the right director.

Anyways, like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Police Academy 8 will still make money no matter what, but I still want a
quality film with a story that's a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and
action, as well as work with the the age factor, just like Indiana Jones, Rocky, Rambo, and Die Hard did.

As a matter of fact, I have a great idea for Police Academy 8's story:

legendary graduates of the Metropolitan Police Academy have long since
retired from active duty and moved on with their lives after Tacklberry
and Hightower both died while on duty a few years ago, as Sgt. Mahoney
has now succeeded Eric Lassard as the academy's Commandant, much to
Capt. Harris' chagrin.

But however, a huge crimewave of epic proportions
storms the city, and only Mahoney, Jones, Hooks, Callahan, and Fackler
are forced to come out of retirement and tackle the massive crime
syndicate behind it all! Also, Tackleberry's son, Tackleberry Jr. (from
Police Academy 6), could join them, along with Harris and Proctor, as
well as two new cadets. One would be a lone male prankster vigilante who
gets along well with Mahoney (and would be later revealed to be his
long lost son), while the other would be Proctor's niece (since Proctor
mentioned in Police Academy 5 that his sister married Harris' nephew,
thus having the niece who was mentioned in Police Academy 6). The two
cadets would sort of have a rivalry that should be good if portrayed

What do you think?

I am a professional Bagpiper and was contacted in May regarding piping for a funeral in a Police Based movie possibly starting in TorontoApril 2013. I'm not certain if it's Police academy 8 because they wouldn't say. I will keep you posted if I get any updates.

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