Leprechaun to be rebooted

News Simon Brew
16 Mar 2012 - 06:38

If you dreamed of the day when news broke of a new Leprechaun film heading to cinemas, then, er, this is for you...

This isn’t, perhaps, the kind of story you were expecting to see anytime soon, but the remake juggernaut has somehow landed at the door of the Leprechaun saga.

There have been six films and counting in the franchise to date, kicking off back in 1993. Lionsgate, however, is reported to be rebooting the series, with the aim of having a new film in cinemas next year.

Variety broke the news, but as of yet, there’s no information on a director, star or writer. Hmmm. Whether Warwick Davis would want to go back to the series is unclear, too.

Lots of gaps still to be filled in, then, but we figured you'd still want the news...



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