Sequel to The Raid receives the green light

News Glen Chapman
12 Mar 2012 - 19:16
The Raid

A sequel Gareth Evans' action spectacular will head into production as he looks to continue work on his planned trilogy.

The Raid
has been receiving rave reviews and rapturous responses at film festivals this year, with the promise of being 2012's action movie to beat. Ryan caught the film last week, and was simialrly impressed: here's his review.

With the success of the film ahead of its official western release, a sequel has already been green lit. What's more, if director Gareth Evans gets his own way will be the second part of a planned trilogy.

The Raid follows the efforts of an Indonesian SWAT team battling their way through a Jakarta slum, and returning for the sequel will be leading man Iko Uwais, which will boast a significantly larger budget and a slightly more imaginative title than The Raid 2. The sequel will be called Berendal and is scheduled for a shoot of 100 days of physical production.

In addition to a planned sequel, Screen Gems has secured the rights for a planned English language remake.

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