Prometheus: a trailer for the trailer arrives

Trailer Ryan Lambie
12 Mar 2012 - 10:50

Excited about the second Prometheus trailer, due out this Saturday? Then here’s a 20-second sample…

Normally, the mere mention of trailers for trailers would have us grumbling into our coffee on a grey Monday morning. But this is no ordinary trailer for a trailer – this is a Prometheus trailer for a trailer, which makes us very happy indeed.

This one serves as an appetiser for the second full-length trailer due out on the 18th March. And while it’s merely the same selection of footage snippets chopped together in a slightly different order (though we may be mistaken - some bits look like scenes we've been privy to before, but shown from slightly different angles), it’s still a very pleasant way of whiling away a few seconds of your life. Space suits! Fassbender! Screaming! Giant faces! Such sweet poetry for the eyes.

The full Prometheus trailer’s due for launch at 11pm GMT this Saturday. We can’t wait.

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