Project X 2 in development

News Simon Brew 7 Mar 2012 - 07:24

With Project X already in profit for Warner Bros, the studio is already working on Project X 2…

The last weekend at the US box office may have been dominated by the staggering numbers that The Lorax brought in, but there were actually two films that outperformed expectations. The other was found footage party movie, Project X, which cost Warner Bros around $12m to make, and brought in $21m in the US alone on its opening weekend.

If your head immediately suggests that a sequel may be thus on the way, then it’d be right. The headline to this article might have given the game away too, of course.

Michael Bacall, who co-wrote the first Project X, has been hired by Warner Bros to pen a treatment for a second movie. He was, according to The Hollywood Reporter, working on the treatment before Project X opened, and once he’s finished that, a decision will be made as to whether to press ahead with a second film.

Given the money that the first film has brought in to date, though, you can pretty much take the green light as a given.

More news on Project X 2 as we get it…

The Hollywood Reporter

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Project x is the best so they had better make a sequel to it please please PLEASE

Mean moari mean make another 1plz wrecked movie party like a rock star pojeck x2 here we come

they better use the same leading actors (oliver cooper costa, thomas mann thomas cubb, and jonathan brown which is j.b.

Please I'm a big fan and I havent even seen it make Project X two!

the night that they came back to party wi!d

I hope project x2 will be about Costa's 19th birthday :p

i swear they better make a project X 2!! i loved project x...... they just better make it with the same charactors and not new one!! i loved thomas, JB, and costa


how can one apply for statistic roles? ^^

I hope project X 2 will be great and even better than Project X

WOW you know all their full names, you must be such a film buff....

that was awesome party :D

I think we all lernd a lesson, never steal a drug diler's draw. xD Can't wait for x2

It would be great for a sequel to come out, there should be more discussions on what the basis should be though, so everyone just check me out on twitter or hit follow so we can discuss more what about there should be! @JaydanSmoke

make the movie already

I Wish There is A Second Movie!
Im still working on Doing this party at my house XD

Project X= modern version of American Pie/ House Party series

mükemmel bir filmdi ikincisini sabısızlıkla bekliyorum ;)

i really like the film i hop defenitly that the movie woud be so cool as the first one

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