Brand new The Muppets movie on the way

News Simon Brew
1 Mar 2012 - 18:56

It's happening: The Muppets will be back on the big screen, with a brand new movie. We might just have everything that we need...

We suspected this might be the case, but didn’t want to count our chickens. Not least because they were singing the last time we saw them. But the news is good, at least to a point: there’s a brand new Muppets movie in the works.

The news has been broken by Vulture, who reveal that Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin are set to pen a follow-up. Stoller co-wrote The Muppets with Jason Segel, and Bobin directed. This time, Segel appears notable by his absence, at least for the time being.

As things stand, a deal has apparently been done for the new film, but Segel’s schedule is stopping him getting involved in the movie just yet. There’s a possibility he may return to act in the film, but again, that’s subject to scheduling. It’d be a pity, given how instrumental he was in the return of the Muppets, if he wasn’t involved, though.

The other face desperately needed back is Bret McKenzie, who penned the songs for The Muppets, and won an Oscar for his trouble. A deserved one, too. As things stand, and this is early days, it’s unclear whether he will be back.

It’s exceptionally good news that a new Muppets film is on the way. Here’s hoping that it can do the characters justice in the same way that The Muppets managed to do.

Life’s a happy song…


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