Jonah Hill and James Franco cast in True Story

News Glen Chapman
27 Feb 2012 - 20:48
Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill and James Franco are joining forces for their new project, True Story, with Brad Pitt producing...

After winning acclaim in Moneyball, Jonah Hill is set to team up once again with Brad Pitt with True Story, although Pitt will only be producing this time. Hill will star opposite James Franco in Rupert Goold’s adaptation of journalist Michael Finkel’s memoir.

The film will give Hill another opportunity to stray away from the comedic roles he has built his name on, and is a return to a more serious role as seen in Moneyball, True Story will also see the actor return to fact based material.

Hill will play Finkel, a disgraced journalist, who was fired for falsifying evidence in an investigative piece for the New York Times. He's given the chance to redeem himself in the most unlikely of circumstances, though. When Christian Longo (James Franco) is arrested in Mexico, having spent some time on the FBI’s most wanted list for killing his family, he had been living under the identity of Finkel.

Whilst incarcerated, Longo declared that the only journalist he was willing to speak to was Finkel, which led to the pair striking up a strange relationship, as both looked to get something different out of the situation.

Sounds interesting, this one. We'll keep you posted on it...


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