Brian Taylor signs on for Twisted Metal adaptation

News Glen Chapman
15 Feb 2012 - 21:23

One half of maverick directorial duo Neveldine Taylor has split away to bring Twisted Metal to the big screen for Sony.

Directorial duo Neveldine and Taylor have had something of a mixed output, but it’s hard not to admire the energy and some of the directorial indulgencies. With Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance set to hit UK cinemas tomorrow, it has been announced that Brian Taylor will go at it alone for his next project, as he has been hired by Sony to write and direct an adaptation of the video game Twisted Metal.

The game is a hugely successful title for Sony, so I’m sure it's hoping that this could be the title that breaks a long run of poor video game adaptations. It's not alone there, either.

In terms of a director to fit the material, Brian Taylor seems an ideal candidate. The game takes influence from Death Race 2000, and features an underground tournament where contestants fight to the death in vehicles tailored to their tastes. The event is organised by Calypso, a figure looking to explore and indeed exploit the human condition.

I sincerely hope that Taylor isn’t restricted in his vision and forced to deliver a PG-13 movie. A hard R movie that takes the best elements of Gamer and Crank could make for a hell of a good time.

More on Twisted Metal as we get it.


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