Jason Statham teams up with Brian De Palma for a remake of Heat

News Ryan Lambie
8 Feb 2012 - 18:41

The Mighty Jason Statham has his sights set on another project, this time with director Brian De Palma…

As you’ve probably gathered, we’ve something of a soft spot for the films of Jason Statham, the man of action who’s keeping the flame of 80s-style macho moviemaking alive. And one forthcoming project may well be his best yet, given that it’ll be helmed by the great Brian De Palma.

It’s a remake of Heat – not the Michael Mann one, but the 1986 thriller starring Burt Reynolds. The writer of that film, Hollywood veteran William Goldman, will also provide the script for the Statham-starring version.

If you’ve not seen the original Heat, then it’s sufficient to say the plot’s tailor-made for Statham – its protagonist is a rock-hard bodyguard who’s hired to protect the seedy lynchpins of the gambling underworld using only his fist and assorted improvised weapons.

It’s been quite a while since De Palma’s had a box-office hit, and for us, he’s yet to make anything as good as his last truly decent film, Mission: Impossible movie released back in 1996. Hopefully, Heat will see the director back on top form.

The question is, will Statham be tempted to grow a luxuriant Reynolds moustache in homage to the original movie’s star? We sincerely hope so – and with shooting not set to commence until the end of the year at the earliest, there’s plenty of time for him to sprout one.

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