Joe Carnahan explains his Death Wish remake plan

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1 Feb 2012 - 07:03
Death Wish

The Grey director Joe Carnahan reveals what he wants to do with his new Death Wish movie, and confirms that Killing Pablo is still on the agenda, too…

A cool opening weekend of $20m in the US alone for his new film, The Grey, has left Joe Carnahan in a pretty decent position right now. Made for a less-than-blockbuster budget, the Liam Neeson-starring wolf-smasher should turn in a tidy profit by the time the DVD and Blu-ray money has been totted up.

Carnahan is, therefore, pressing ahead with one of his next projects, which is set to be a remake of sorts of Death Wish. The original film was directed by Michael Winner, and starred Charles Bronson, and in truth, it feels like it’s been remade unofficially many times over the years (most recently, with Jodie Foster in Neil Jordan’s The Brave One).

So what’s Carnahan looking to bring to it? Well, he’s been answering that very question on his Twitter feed.

“Guys. I'm doing 'Death Wish.' But this version is a re-imagining of the book and set in present day Los Angeles. The L.A. of 'Collateral.'”, he wrote. “It's on buses, cabs, metro trains. I want to show an unseen version of L.A. L.A. on foot. Prowling. Hunting. The vast emptiness of downtown.”

He added that he’d written a role for Frank Grillo in the movie, later clarifying that “nobody said anything about Frank playing the Kersey part”.

Carnahan also confirmed that one of his other projects, Killing Pablo, had not been postponed, and was “basically greenlit”.

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