Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg hint that work is underway on The World’s End

News Glen Chapman
25 Jan 2012 - 21:30
Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

It looks as though Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are finally getting round to starting work on the final instalment of their Blood and Ice Cream trilogy...

After years of audiences patiently waiting for The World’s End, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s final instalment of their Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, they have finally hinted that they’re finally getting round to working on it with the release of a new picture on Twitter.

Whilst little is known about the genre and plot of the film it’s pleasing to see that Wright and Pegg have found time in their busy schedules to work on the film.

The gap between Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz was a relatively short one, with there only being three years between the release of the films. However, when the rumoured 2014 release of The World’s End finally comes around, fans will have waited seven years for the completion of the trilogy, and four years for a new feature film by Edgar Wright.

2014 is also, currently, the reported year we'll get to see his Ant-Man movie. Where that sits right now, though, is unclear.

More news on both of these projects as we get it. We're looking forward to both...


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