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23 Jan 2012 - 06:45
Bill & Ted

It's been a while since we heard anything about Bill & Ted 3. Here's the latest on the project...

It’s been around nine months now since we last heard anything vaguely concrete about the mooted third movie in the Bill & Ted series. The last news was that a script had been penned by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, but there’s been no progress since. So, what’s been happening?

“In all frankness”, Alex Winter has now told IndieWire, “it’s just a slow universe. It took us fifteen years to come up with an idea that we thought we’d want to do”.

In the new interview, he said that “the script only got finished two months ago and it’s really green. It’s the beginning of what could be nothing, frankly.”

He added that, “There's hooplah because frickin' Reeves keeps blathering about it. Every time he's interviewed he talks about it and he's one of my closest friends and I love him dearly but I think he's got a very post-modern sense of humor. I think he's doing it partially just to fuck with people. Because if he says it, everyone goes crazy and I think he just goes 'Muah ha ha'."

"[But] we wrote a script, we like it, we don't really even have the rights. We kinda have the rights. There's a long road of crap we have to deal with before it ever, if it ever, becomes a movie.”

Winter said that if the film didn’t get made, he’d put the script for it online. And he also dismissed reports that Werner Herzog was up for directing the film. “Herzog said yes, not knowing anything about it. Jokingly”, said Winter. “No one asked him officially”.

You can read the full interview with Alex Winter, right here.

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