Ben Wheatley provides details on Freakshift

News Glen Chapman
19 Jan 2012 - 19:26

The director looks to follow up Down Terrace and Kill List with satirical sci-fi action movie, Freakshift.

Ben Wheatley is two for two in our eyes. Down Terrace is one of the best debuts in recent years, and last year’s Kill List was a bold, challenging and quite brilliant previous work that built on the promise shown in his debut.

With two great films under his belt any future projects will certainly get our interest and what he’s been saying about his next film, Freakshift, makes it sound very exciting indeed.

Wheatley has described the premise of the film as Hill Street Blues with monsters, and elaborated further:

“It's got that interplay and banter and emotional stuff that’s done so brilliantly in Hill Street Blues. And it involves the teams of people and the professionalism and all those things that are great about cop shows, but with monsters and lots of genre-action. It’s also a mix of my favourite video-games. Doom especially, which is why I’ve got our leads running around with pump-action shotguns – which they use copiously.”

When asked about whether the film would be an 18 he said:

“No, because all the violence is all on-creature. But it will have a Paul Verhoeveny-vibe to it – it’s going to have a satirical edge. It’s not going to be harrowing like Kill List, but it’s going to be tense. Tense and actiony.”

It sounds as though Wheatley’s going to be ticking a hell of a lot of my boxes with that one and I can’t wait to see it. More on Freakshift when we get it

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