The Girl Who Played With Fire definitely pressing ahead

News Simon Brew
9 Jan 2012 - 06:48
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Despite The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo stumbling a little at the box office, Sony wants The Girl Who Played With Fire filming before the end of the year...

David Fincher’s dark take on the already gloomy work of Stiegg Larsson has seen the US movie of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo struggle to make quite the box office impact that Sony would have been expecting. Currently, the film – which cost around $90m to make, before marketing costs – has pulled in $106m worldwide, of which $76.8m has come from the US. It appears to have legs at the box office, though, yet its total is still likely to be more modest than originally thought.

The reason? Well, according to Deadline, Sony seems to be conceding the seemingly obvious, that it was a very dark film to launch around the Christmas period. That said, it’s now pressing ahead with its plan to film the next book, The Girl Who Played With Fire, which we suspect won't have a December release slot.

According to Deadline, it wants the next film before the cameras by the end of the year, and Steven Zaillian – who adapted Dragon Tattoo – is apparently already at work on the next one. He’s reportedly beefed up Lisbeth Salander’s involvement in the second story, too, which might just upset hardcore fans of the novels.

It’s unclear, however, if David Fincher wants to come back to direct. He’s not dismissed the idea, certainly, and we’d imagine that he gets first refusal. Don’t be surprised, though, if he chooses to press ahead with something else. We’d imagine he’s got a couple of months to make his mind up, however.

There’s more on the story at Deadline, here.

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