Kevin Smith gives Hit Somebody update

News Glen Chapman
5 Jan 2012 - 18:56

Kevin Smith offers an update on what's set to be his last film as director, Hit Somebody...

With ice hockey comedy Goon released in UK cinemas today, Kevin Smith has also revealed some details about his long planned hockey project, Hit Somebody.

Smith is notoriously passionate hockey fan, so it’s no surprise that he’s making a film about his beloved sport. And for a while, it seemed as though the director would in fact making two films about it, as he revealed he intended to split Hit Somebody, with each part focussing on a different aspect of a player’s career.

It now seems as though he’s scrapped that idea, as he revealed some details to some of his followers on his favourite social networking platform, Twitter. In summary, the now one big movie Hit Somebody will clock in at approximately 150 minutes and is set to start shooting in June this year, with Smith hoping to have it ready for next year’s Sundance Film Festival.

If what Smith says is true, this will be his last film, so here’s hoping he can make a film about a subject that’s so close to his heart that will stand alongside his best works. From the sounds of things, this is a project that’s worth getting excited about.


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