There’s a new Stephen King horror anthology movie on the way

News Ryan Lambie
5 Jan 2012 - 17:33

Fans of Stephen King short stories rejoice: a new anthology film based on the author’s work could be heading our way soon…

Ah, horror anthology movies – they’re cinema’s equivalent of a scary Kellogg’s Variety Pack. Offering a selection of short and sharp horror tales, the better examples – from Amicus’ brilliant Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors to 2007’s underrated, direct-to-DVD Trick ‘R Treat – offer something for everyone, even if the package as a whole can sometimes be a little uneven.

As one of horror literature’s most famous and prolific scribes, Stephen King has himself been sporadically involved in the horror anthology subgenre, having written the stories for Creepshow and its first sequel (released in 1982 and 1987 respectively), as well as 1985’s Cat’s Eye.

Now, director Mark Pavia has revealed that he’s working on a new horror anthology film based on King’s work, and will take in four horror tales from the author’s oeuvre.

“[King] chose two stories and I chose two, and the selection is a perfect mixture of classic and contemporary King: a little bit of something for his oldest and newest fans alike,” Pavia told Icons Of Fright (news of which comes to us via Empire].

Pavia previously collaborated with King on The Night Flier back in 1997, but has since struggled to get various other projects off the ground, including a sequel to that 90s vampire oddity. With this new, as-yet-untitled King anthology, Pavia promises a “Go for the gut horror show” which will “scare the living crap out of each and every one of you.”

There's no word yet as to which stories will appear in the anthology, but it sounds like an intriguing film to us. We’ll report back with more on Pavia’s project as we get it.


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