Paramount plans World War Z sequels?

News Simon Brew
4 Jan 2012 - 07:11
World War Z

Could a trilogy of films based on Max Brooks’ World War Z be in the works? Brad Pitt seems to think so…

Heading into US cinemas from December 21st is Marc Forster’s movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z. It’s a piece of work that seems quite tricky to adapt into a movie, but that hasn’t deterred Brad Pitt from starring in the project, which was shooting around the UK last year.

It seems, though, that Paramount has bigger plans for Brooks' work than just one film, and that World War Z’s zombie apocalypse may stretch to a movie franchise.

According to the Los Angeles Times, who got the story directly from Brad Pitt, it seems, plans are afoot for a trilogy of World War Z films. Director Marc Forster is fully on board with the idea, too.

Obviously, whether further World War Z movies come along is dependant on the success of otherwise of the first film. We’ll have a clearer idea of that in roughly a year from now…

The Los Angeles Times

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