Paranormal Activity 4 confirmed

News Simon Brew
3 Jan 2012 - 06:35
Paranormal Activity

Coming this Halloween, Paramount has slotted in Paranormal Activity 4. But where else is there to go with the story and the formula?

In a move that’s a surprise to pretty much nobody, Paramount has confirmed that a fourth Paranormal Activity movie has been scheduled in for this coming Halloween.

Paranormal Activity 3, which arrives on DVD and Blu-ray shortly, brought in over $200m at the worldwide box office last year, outdoing the performance of its immediate predecessor. Set as a prequel, it pretty much ripped up continuity with the franchise to date, and just where Paranormal Activity 4 will fit in remains to be seen.

What is clear is that the franchise has now taken over the mantle from Saw as the annual Halloween sequel machine.

Given that there’s only so many times people can look at a still camera shot hunting for changes, we can but hope that things are shaken up a little for the fourth film.

Once we know who’s directing it, we’ll pass on the details…

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