Exclusive: Brad Bird teases The Iron Giant Blu-ray and potential cinema re-release

News Simon Brew
13 Dec 2011 - 16:18

Plans are afoot for a Blu-ray release of Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant. And it’s not going to be a bog standard release, by the sounds of it…

In town to promote his new movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, we managed to get 20 cherishable minutes in the company of Mr Brad Bird yesterday. And just before we were thrown out of the room, we managed to ask if he had any plans for a Blu-ray or big screen re-release for The Iron Giant.

The answer? It’s a good one.

“I’ve been talking with Warner Bros for basically the past ten years, and all sorts of options have been discussed", he told us. There’s been talk of doing about a minute and a half, two minutes, of new animation for it, that were some sequences that we designed in the original, that I think were cool. There’s been talk of doing 3D. There’s been talk of doing a limited digital release, kind of like Blade Runner had. And all of them kind of blossom and fade. Now, we’re having more serious discussions about doing something in anticipation of the Blu-ray.

“But I don’t want the Blu-ray to simply be a higher resolution version of our DVD. I would love to get into some of the stuff, now we all have some perspective, that went into the making of it. There’s a lot of good stories there that haven’t been told about the struggles that we went through. We’ll see what happens, but we are in discussions about it right now”.

Our full interview with Brad Bird will follow early next week. In the meantime, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol arrives on IMAX screens from 21st December, and is on general release from 26th December. Our review is here.

And if you've never seen The Iron Giant, in line with Den Of Geek's firm policy on the matter, we need to direct you here.

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