Riddick: production restarts as financial troubles get sorted

News Simon Brew
29 Nov 2011 - 06:56

After being shut down over money troubles, the new film of Riddick is set to get back up and running next month. Vin Diesel is firmly on board.

After the interesting but flawed box office flop, The Chronicles Of Riddick, we figured we wouldn’t get to see Vin Diesel in that role again on the big screen. It was a surprise, then, that a new Riddick film went before the cameras in October.

Going under the name of Riddick, the movie stars Diesel, with Karl Urban returning, too. David Twohy is back calling the shots on the film.

However, not everything has been going smoothly. According to reports over at TMZ, the Riddick production was kicked out of the Montreal studio where shooting is taking place, after bills weren’t paid on time. That was at the end of October, and Michel Trudel, the owner of the aforementioned studio, “changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set”.

Furthermore, TMZ reported that “sources connected to production tell us several members of the crew have not been paid in over two weeks”.

Now, however, things appear back on track. The latest report says that the bills are beginning to be paid again, and that production on the film is back up and running. Filming is due to start again just after Christmas, on December 28th.

We’ve no idea as to a release date for the movie yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


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